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Scuba Diving
Experience Mnarani from the bottom up! Explore the underwater world, filled with secret treasures. Mnarani has, after all, been dubbed the Maldives of Kenya. With astonishing coral reefs and tropical aquatic life, these waters are home to some of Africa's most important and awe-inspiring marine ecosystems. There are deep sites, caves and even ship wrecks to explore, making it a must-see for any diving enthusiast or underwater photographer.

The dive centre at Mnarani is operated by Buccaneer (PADI) in partnership with 3 Degrees South. We have easy access to all the outer reefs and also boast the only House Reef in Kenya. Kilifi offers a selection of dive sites to suit all preferences from wrecks and muck dives to beautiful reefs. In addition to some really good diving Buccaneer provides a range of courses from a Discover Scuba Diving course through to a Rescue course.

Our in-creek offerings provide the opportunity to dive straight from the Mnarani beach into both the House Reef and our underwater playground site. This is ideal for beginners wanting to test the waters and for children aged 10-12, who are limited to 10 meter dives.

Discover these underwater treasures…

• Mnarani dive site: On top of all the amazing species of exotic fish and sea life found in abundance around this piece of heaven, a flying gurnard has recently been spotted here!
• The Mpv Fish Eagle: She is a 53m multi-purpose vessel that was originally built in Germany. Before this artificial reef was sunk, it was prepared and cleaned to remove all toxins that could be harmful to the environment. The reef has been prepped for diver safety and this new dive site is one of Buccaneer Diving's most exciting dive sites.
• Swahili Deep: This site resembles a cutting in the sandy bottom from 18 to 26 meters. Along this wall you can spot Napoleon Wrasse, potato groupers and large shoals of blue triggerfish, five lined snappers and surgeonfish.

Vuma Cliifs is good for divers of all levels in flat, calm sea but only experienced divers in heavier weather.

• Vuma Caves: North of big rock there are many overhangs and shallow caves concentrated in one area. Here you can find loads of different colourful aquatic forms of life as well as the odd Jenkins Whipray. Maximum depth 20m.
• Big Rock: An area situated at the point of the cliff head with some very large boulder shaped coral heads massed below and above water. As it is a meeting point of currents there are many shoals of fish to be found here; leopard sweetlips, blue lined snappers, soldier fish and mangrove snappers. Kuhl's stingrays, also known as blue spotted stingrays, can also be spotted on the sandy bottom. Maximum depth 20m.
• Canyon Ndogo: Ndogo means little in Swahili and the site got its name because of a vertical cleft in the ledge. There is also an overhang with two chimneys, which are excellent for panoramic photos. On the upper part of the wall there are often napoleon wrasse and a huge shoal of big eye trevally. If you are lucky you might spot a giant grouper. Maximum depth 20m.
• The Grotto: A series of large overhangs with some large brown marbled groupers. This is a fantastic site panoramic photos. Maximum depth 20m.

Want to test the water first? These sites are great for beginners and ideal for children!

• The Creek: This macro paradise is a breeding ground for many species of fish. You will see large shoals of silversides and trevally being hunted by barracudas. There are also nudibranchs, shrimps, juvenile lionfish, pipefish, ghost pipefish and leaf fish who enjoy this location just as much as our divers. The creek is also a fantastic location for qualified divers with both reef dives and night diving options.
• The Black Marlin and Baobab is ideal for diving at any time and for all levels of divers. Several species of groupers, chocolate dips, crocodile fish, anemonefish, six stripe soapfish, dart goby, angelfish, butterfly fish, wrasse, moray and many other exotic fish species can be found here. There are also green turtle and hawksbill turtle.

Please note that the Dive Centre does not operate year-round, and operates when diving conditions are ideal. Please confirm with the Resort whether the dive centre will operate at the time of your visit.